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Like music? Good or bad, share 'em here!

Here, members can post tracks from their playlists so that other members may request them to be shared and sampled. Likewise, members may also request a Top/Bottom Ten playlist based on themes, or whatever. We're all music lovers here; so long as it's music-based, it's on-topic.

Random_Ten is a collaborative music blog. Envisage this community as a place to discover new music and then BUY it legally. All music files are posted for evaluation purposes only. The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. Members post and download at their discretion. The moderators of this community encourage their members to post legitimate downloadable music and are not responsible for copyright violations the members might commit.This community encourages their members to support artists by buying their original CDs and seeing them in concert whenever possible. If you are the copyright holder, please inform us if you would like any of the content removed and it will be done so immediately.

We appreciate your contributions but our moderator is finnicky when it comes to his laziness, so rules may or may not be enforced haphazardly. Do your part and read the rules. Do not take moderator reminders personally.